Islamic Governance


This program provides a comprehensive knowledge to applied corporate governance in Islamic institutions, ethical framework for conducting business, compliance with supervisory and regulatory standards, and managing key risks of Islamic finance.


  • Understand the various standards of governance and its importance in Islamic Institutions
  • Learn the principles of compliance control in Islamic banks and financial institutions
  • Define of the types of common risks faced by Islamic financial institutions and introduction of international and Islamic standards in risk management

Corporate governance in Islamic banks and financial institutions

  • The structure of Islamic Banks and the related governance issues.
  • Standard of corporate governance of Islamic financial institutions
  • Role of the Board of Directors, Sharia Supervisory Board and Executive Management
  • Governance standards and guidelines of the Basel Committee
  • Introducing the standards of corporate governance issued by the AAOIFI and IFSB

Compliance in Islamic banks

  • Definition of compliance function in banks
  • Compliance Management in the organizational structure of the bank
  • Goals of the function of compliance monitoring
  • Elements and principles of compliance
  • Instructions of compliance monitoring

Risk and hedging in Islamic finance

  • Understanding forms of Islamic finance and the instruments risks lying in them
  • Applying financial risk management: credit, liquidity, market, and operational
  • Managing profit, yield, market and foreign exchange risks in Islamic finance
  • Defining derivatives and understanding its application in Islamic finance

Regulatory and major bodies in Islamic Finance

  • Regulatory challenges for Islamic financial institutions
  • Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions AAOIFI
  • Islamic Financial Services Board IFSB and Islamic Development Bank IDB

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