Our Identity

Synergy Consulting

Synergy offers technical training for professional certifications of global accreditation, corporate in-house tailored workshops for all business aspects, executive; education (specialized diplomas and mini-mba), seminars for newly released pronouncements. We are specialized in the fields of IFRS, Finance, Accounting, Investment, Auditing, Risk, Compliance and Governance. In addition, we have exclusive franchise to provide soft skills certification programs, mostly in Sales, Marketing, Customers Service, Relationship Management, Call Centre, and other Management subjects.
Our visions is to empower people and enterprises through outstanding professional services that enhance their individual and collective excellence to cater the challenging business needs.Synergy offers a distinguished array of education and training services via integration of learning, research and industry practices to help organizations and individuals bolster their strengths and cater the challenging business needs at all levels of the ladder, from executives and middle managers to all other practitioners and leaders of tomorrow.
Our offering extends beyond the training room, as we closely work with our clients to understand their business and development needs, design development initiatives and deliver high impact training interventions, develop and implement powerful reinforcement programs and track for continuous improvement and sustainability. Synergy founder and associates bring to you more than 50 years of professional practice in various industries within the MENA region coupled with more than 100 years of extensive training and education experience to better serve your organization.
Commitment to competence:

  • Intellect
  • Expertise
  • Advancement

Integrity & Ethics:

  • Fidelity
  • Respect
  • Reliability

Making a difference:

  • Collaboration
  • Integration
  • Resilience